IN COMPLIANCE WITH D.lgs. 206-06/09/2005
Our jewels are producted in Italy and in R.P.C., made of 925 silver, Bronzo, 316 steel and are nickel, cadmium, lead free. Potential plating is electrolytic with rhodium/gold nickel free. Some models can be eriche by synthetic or natural stones. The leathers are natural, strictly of vegetable tanning and are treated with products compliant with the current European Rules (REACH Rules). Potential small imperfections and color variations are due to the absolute craftsmanship of the manufacture and the naturalness of the leather itself. It is recommended not to wet the leather. All materials are compatible with the laws of the European community.

Sterling AG925 (925%) is an alloy consisting mainly of silver with the addition of other metals. The jewels created with this silver alloy are marked with a punch indicating the title of silver present in the alloy. Sterling AG925 in particular tends to oxidize over time, but the process is faster if the silver comes into contact with external agents such as perfume, salt, sulfur, skin creams, hairspray, chlorine and acid PH of the skin. The degree of oxidation depends on the type of skin and on the habits of the wearer. Therefore oxidation does not constitute a manufacturing defect nor is it covered by warranty.

The authentic leather is a natural product that can stretch and loosen over time. Furthermore, small variations of the color and thickness of the leather might appear. Do not immerse the leather in water or in other liquids that may cause damages or discolorations.

We recommend customers to remove your jewellery before going to bed or performing physical exercises. The jewelry must not be exposed to chlorine, chemical products or salty water because these could damage them. In addition, avoid contact with make-up, creams, perfuse or hair spray. Remove the rings before washing your hands.

The polishing cloth is perfect for giving new brilliance to 925 Sterling silver jewels. However, it does not remove scratches or abrasions. The cloths for polishing silver are usually purchaseable In commerce.

For clearing dissolve a small quantity of neutral soap in lukewarm water and use a soft tootbrush, gently brushing the jewels with a circular motion. Rinse with clean water. The toothbrushes are perfect to clean jewels with decorations otherwise hard to cleanse. If the jewel is particularly dirty, immerse it in soapy water for 5-10 minuts. If the dirt gathers around the internal thread of a charm, locking problems can happen. To avoid these problems, clean the charm regularly.