Thank you for purchasing a piece of Amen jewelry. Below is information on the materials used to make Amen jewelry, its care and maintenance, our exchange policy and legal warranty.

Amen jewelry is made in Italy in compliance with Leg. Decree no. 206/2005, and in China. It is imported into Europe (EU) by Croce del Sud s.r.l., with registered office at via Enrico Mattei 51, Arezzo, Italy, VAT no. IT-02153030511. Amen jewelry is made using fine materials like Sterling Silver, 14k and 18k Gold, 316 Steel and Bronze. It contains no cadmium or lead. It may have nickel release rates in compliance with EC Regulation 1907/2012 and standard EN 1811:2011.

Sterling Silver is an alloy consisting primarily of Silver with the addition of other metals (925 parts of Pure Silver out of 1 000). Jewelry created with this Silver alloy is stamped with the number 925.

Jewelry produced using this alloy may also be rhodium-plated or burnished. To burnish jewelry, the surface is given a special treatment that oxidizes the metal, creating the desired burnished effect. This oxidation may disappear over time, and the speed of this process depends on how the jewelry is used. Sweat, acidic skin PH, perfumes, chlorine, silver polishes and creams may reduce burnishing. This loss of the intensity of the burnished finish is considered normal and not a defect, so it is not covered by the warranty. Rhodium plating is applied through a galvanic bath that adds a coating of rhodium to silver to make it brighter and whiter. Like burnishing, rhodium plating can lose its shine, allowing the silver to return to its natural color. Again, this is not considered a defect but a natural process of rhodium wear, and is not covered by the warranty. For the reasons mentioned above, Sterling silver, in particular, tends to oxidize over time. Therefore, oxidation is not a defect and is not covered by the warranty.

Rosé and yellow jewelry is made of Sterling Silver that is plated with 18k gold. Remember that plating can be lost over time due to acidic skin pH, salt, perfumes, creams, sulfur and hairspray, as well as normal use. Therefore, it is not considered a defect and is not covered by the warranty.

The leather used to make Amen jewelry is absolutely natural, strictly vegetable-tanned and is treated with products complying with current European regulation (REACH Regulation). Because the leather is natural, it may stretch and loosen over time. Color and thickness variations may also appear. We strongly advise that you avoid getting the leather wet with water or any other liquid that may cause damage or discoloration.

Amen jewelry may include natural stones, precious stones, semi-precious stones, hard stones, high-quality synthetic stones, cultured pearls, enameled faux pearls and mother of pearl.

Jewelry should never be worn in situations that could accentuate the oxidation process. We recommend that you remove jewelry before going to bed or exercising. Jewelry must not be exposed to chlorine, chemicals or salt water. Avoid contact with creams, soaps, hairspray, make-up and perfumes, as these can speed up the oxidation process and wear of plating. We also recommend that you always separate pieces of jewelry when storing them to reduce friction that could damage the polish and color.

Sterling Silver is an ever-changing precious metal with extraordinary shine. Because it is an ever-changing material, it is naturally subject to oxidation when it comes into contact with the air. Use an ordinary microfiber cloth (with no chemical and/or natural cleaners) to shine Sterling Silver jewelry and prevent oxidation build-up. However, remember that a cloth cannot remove scratches or abrasions caused by contact between the jewelry and hard surfaces.

For cleaning, use water, but no soap, and a soft brush. Gently brush the jewelry in a circular motion, then rinse with clean water. Use a toothbrush to clean jewelry with stones that would otherwise be difficult to clean. Caution: Toothpaste (abrasive), soda (acid) or silver products should not be used for cleaning because they can damage the jewelry and its surface.

The product may be exchanged only at the original point of sale or by contacting the web site on which it was purchased within 30 days from the date of purchase, presenting the receipt or sales document.

Pursuant to Title III of Leg. Decree no. 206/2005 “Consumer Code”, Amen branded products are covered by a 24-month legal warranty for defects in conformity existing at the time of product delivery. A product is considered compliant if, at the time of delivery, it is suitable for the use for which goods of the same type are usually used, it has the usual quality and performance of an item of the same type and it matches the description made by the seller (e.g., as shown on the advertising material). This legal warranty applies only if the product is used correctly, for its intended use, and in accordance with the operating and maintenance instructions provided with the product. Normal wear due to use, improper use and oxidation are not covered by the warranty. Any defect in product conformity must be reported within two months of its discovery. To benefit from the warranty on purchased products:
• at points of sale: return it to the shop at which the item was purchased and present the product’s receipt
• on send an e-mail to, providing the order number; or contact us via the “My Orders” section in your reserved area on the site.
Under Article 130 of the “Consumer Code”, in the event of a lack of conformity, upon presentation of proof of purchase, the customer has the right to:
• request repair or replacement of the product at no charge unless the requested remedy is excessively costly or impossible. In the event of product replacement, the defective product must be returned in its original packaging.
• If repair or replacement is impossible or excessively costly, request a discount on the purchase price or termination of the contract. The use of the product is taken into account to determine the amount of the discount or refund. In the event of contract termination, the amount paid will be refunded upon return of the defective product in its original packaging.
• Claim damages.
In the event of repair, the lack of conformity will be remedied at no charge (including but not limited to shipping, labor and materials costs) for the customer.
Should the customer's request to remedy the lack of conformity be disproportionately costly, given the value of the item in question or the extent of the defect, the company may deny the customer’s request and proceed with an alternative remedy, which will not damage the customer.
The company cannot be held liable for failure or delayed execution of the obligations relating to this legal warranty caused by unforeseeable circumstances, including but not limited to fortuitous event, force majeure, interruptions of computer or telecommunications services or failure of third parties.
For anything not expressly indicated here, please see Leg. Decree no. 206/2005 “Consumer Code”.